Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Yellow Ford Anglia with Flames up the side

Today's rant.

Few things annoying me lately. There's a lotta smart people in SL but they keep themselves to themselves and bother no one. The idiots, however, are very vocal, inept and generally wrong. Don't get me wrong I'm not the smartest person in second life im just smarter than u.

Viewer wars are stupid and misunderstood, I suppose like, operating systems and to quote-grind Clint Eastwood opinions are like assholes; everyone has one. Most of the viewers used for second life lately (since Emerald cut of its own head to spite its neck) are based on viewer 2. People will have told u at length how v2 is born in its mothers ass must be hated and shunned and that no one who knows anything about Second Life should use it. The makers of alternate viewers download the source code and at the point most of us go gosh I don't know how to do that or how to compile a thingy into a whatsit. It is this natural response keeps us ordinary twats from developing our own viewer. But I had cause to look into the belly of the beast a while back. I'm not a script kid in any sense of the word These alternate viewers don't touch the engine of sl one little bit, the "incompetent Lindens" did all the hard work for us, they just come along and paint it different colours; change the handle bars, maybe a few chrome looking wing mirrors, and would have u believe its all their own work to draw an analogy- its akin to me saying I wrote Photoshop cos I trimmed a photo a bit. Have a look in the sl installation folder at the xml files, they open in word pad mostly in english tweak them a bit u can always re-install if u break it. Sl needs v2, the alternate viewers need v2, bitching about the side bar is missing the point completely.

A browser based hud radar 'who's looking at my tits' sensor isn't what anyone of us need .

What do we need Filthy?

We need everything to rez faster and let more than 20 people in a sim at a time with no lag.

Everything else is just frilly bits.

Show me a viewer that lets my shop rez twice as fast and I'll use your viewer, till then I'll use v2. 'Cos that was made by the organ grinder not the monkey.


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