Saturday, 23 October 2010

Blog challenge meme thingy!

I don't usually like these sort of things but this is the best blog challenge thing EVAAAAHHH. first the challenge, follow the instructions here > make an album cover

That's my one up there!

Monday, 18 October 2010

What do i do with my other ear bob?

What do i do with my other ear Bob? Dylan this week jsut re-released his old records in mono, fuking, mono ffs. I bought them on vinyl and cd and in 5.1 mp3's now I'm suppose to buy them in mono ? The argument is when they came out mono was how everone listened 'n' Bob 'n' everyone mixed the mono versions so if u bought the stereo versions ur a fool and a joke.o.o what do i do? i want the extra joy that mono will bring me maybe i want 32 bit digital crackle 2.
Ive noticed an increasing tendancy to go 'this is shit i want the new one' a case in point is the iphone i got one when they came out um i had a bog standard phone b4 that u can laugh but it would run on 4 aa batteries if the main one died, i shit u not. But the original iphone; it came out and i thought wow this is the best thing ever , then version 2 came out and 3 and slowly but surely my pride and joy began to leak shit and by the new one well the one i have i may as well lick the shit from a dogs ass. Anyway today i thought enough. I bought a plug in phone for home a 70's one like my parents had when i was growin up. It has no features, but it is big enough to knock a man unconscious and in the end isn't that what matters? I never make phone calls on the landlines; people ring me and try to sell me things and im rude to them but i never dial out, so the rotary dial thing shouldn't be a problem it dosent have a hash key so i cant do automated answering things, but the good thing about that is , if u dont press anything they put u through to a real person right away win, win, win! so do i buy Bob? will it be better? No, it wont .I had a bog standard crt tv that broke so i got a big flat screen now there selling 3d tvs no thanks matey i just got a flat one how stupid do yeow think i am?
rant over.

Monday, 11 October 2010

My favorite designer...Toast Bard. (blog challenge from Strawberry Singh)

top Bird skin Rainbow 5 Black brows
bottom Ghost organs Tiny Words

I was never a skin lover, I had a couple that I'd found that were just ordinary, not shiny or tanned. Then on a trawl through an SL fashion magazine, I think it was 'Second Style' I found an interview with Toast Bard. I was in love instantly. Her avatar was beautiful, she had this amazing skin, like nothing I'd seen before and in the interview she was charming and if I remember rightly didn't mention designing for South American cross-dressers. I wooshed straight over to Tableau and couldn't believe what I saw; a sim I'd visited before. I huffed a bit then stumbled upon Fashionably Dead, literally fell over it, so devilishly tucked away it was. And lo it came to pass that I became a massive skin-whore. The first skin I bought was Tiny Words in a very pale tone, other tones followed and that is still my favorite skin ever all my alts get bought that skin. I have bought many, many skins by miss Bard now, the latest is the beautifully coloured, luminous, moody skin from the Rainbow range.
Toast Bard has a very light touch with her colouring, like watercolours. The skins have a wonderul ability to bring sophistication and sheer class to just about any outfit. I never tire of them and hardly ever wear anything else. In fact most of my avatars are shaped to fit FD skins, because I know whatever else they are wearing their skin will always look fantastic.

(I would like to add, that the photos are only very lightly photoshopped to remove nasty angles and hair poke through, and in the black haired photo I just had to cover up the ear because avatars have weird ears hands and feet. I haven't blurred, recoloured or altered the skins in anyway, all lighting was done in Second Life.)

top:Lamb Witch in powder
bottom: Lamb I'm a Romantic in obsidian

UH Poetic (no slurl I'm sorry I couldn't find the shop again)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

CFC festival some more favorites...

So here are more of my CFC favorites. Heartsick's studded siver bikini is fab, lovely shape to the bra. SLink have got some cute as hell ankle boots, Siddean is one talented missy. The dress from Malt is lovely, I had never seen any of their things before but I'll be checking them out a bit. Osakki have a beautiful gown up for auction and their pret-a-porter item is beautiful, again a new store to me and I can't wait to check out the store!

Call for Couture fair some of my favorites so far...

So I have been looking at the auction items at the CFC festival, of course there's our item there, but I'll show u my favorites from other stores. So unusually for me is some jewellery, I'm not a great SL jewellery lover but I love these necklaces, by LaGyo. The Zaara dress is just beautiful and was attracting lots of bids, the pret-a-porter outfit is lovely too, I think I will be buying that.
The Donna Flora dress is totally not my style, but I love it, I love the hat! I don't think I can afford it though! The auction gown from Fishy Strawberry is maybe my favorite out of the entire lot, it's looks so pretty and is a really lovely colour. So Many Styles have made a fab dress, I was quickly outbid on it though, grrr.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sausage and Mesh

spent awhile this week figuring out Blender.I work predominantly in Zbrush which i love.But as u may or may not be aware Meshes are coming to Secondlife. Whilst in essence meshes are sculpties by another name they have a few differences and tricks up their sleeves which have forced me to get to grips with Blender.Its a free prog that iv avoided like the plague.However i need some of its tricks and it must be worth a second look for 2 reasons. Firstly its free and secondly it can do this
Getting back to the point i need it because it can export the format meshes that secondlife will import and it can created "rigged meshes" the secondlife avatar u already have is a rigged mesh.
Simply put an avatar is like a rag doll rigging it attaches it to a skeleton which lets it move.

What i have done in the pik on the left really crudely as i wanna check my work flow is correct b4 i spend an ages making something that wont load is make pants that fit over the sl avatar that once loaded into sl should move as u walk.
The problem i had was the avatar i use in zbrush as a mannequin was different to the one I have rigged for blender. so i had to make them conform to each other, so i can continue to work in zb but export correctly to Blender then to SL deep breath
The open beta for the mesh viewer opens on the 13th Im excited to have ago, tons to learn.The people iv chatted to who were in the closed beta are all bursting with enthusiasm.
The people who don't understand it are naturally scathing.Me i'm getting my hands dirty and having a go, the only way to learn any thing is do it wrong till u get it right.There was a lotta swearing to get me to the point i'm now at as dirty will testify 2 but i'm gaining on it.Ill keep u posted with what I come up with
Filthy Adored