Friday, 11 February 2011

We found out about you.

There’s a prog a device in sl u can buy lets u snoop at peoples ip address so u can hunt them down irl and make a suit from their skin.

That’s not true it takes at least 5 skins to make a suit. A good pair of boots however can use up to 7.

There is a device in second life that will allow people whose viewers are set to hear music like would be played in a sl club or who use the built in browser to store cookies. The ip address visible would take u as far as Manchester in my case. More or less its being used to flush out peoples alts under the guise of preventing copyboting. Either way I have thought about it and the vagueness of the ip address it can provide is subject to coincidence and likelihood to the amount that its utter crap in reality.

Why am I telling you this? Well I was passed a device that outs the sims using this device like its some huge wikileaks busting reveal. It won’t stop copybotters it won’t stop the endless paranoid ocean of internet sloshing about. The people with their online “who’s blocking me who’s on the map shit”. All you can do about that is get over it you can’t control the endless paranoia of other people.You can’t see what someone else is thinking.

Let it go Indiana

If you want to see what paranoia does for people go check out Sl Secrets on shopping cart disco. There all about me I’m fucking them all one by one and breaking there fragile little hearts.

On a lighter note we have$75 shoes in store by means of a Valentine’s Day treat I know im just a big softy