Monday, 27 September 2010

The Rogla Ghost

heya Yeah new releases have been quiet were hoping to release a bunch of new things at a fair were attending. We could trickle things into the shop bit at a time, but at the moment our lil shop is out in the sticks in Rogla. Roglas a interesting sim , was the first place i ever went if u were around in 06 u prob went there 2.Was the home of Missfits. Missfits was the busiest club in the metaverse in 06. My main ava has a landmark from there created her first day .When we saw the land for sale it seemed a simple twist of fate..These days its a fairly quiet sim theres us Gatsby and the ghost.Gatsby owns the large house across from the shop , a fine American gentleman indeed.Owns most of the sim and we can thank him for the elegant look of the place. These days Rogla feels like home. The ghost hardly bothers us.If you come to the sim dont expect to see a prim ghost flapping in the wind.This is the genuine ghost in the machine.From discussions iv had with some of the old secondlife residents She was a ava called Chewwy Torres and like me a brit. She use to come sit on the hill outside Missfits and chat with her friends.From what im able to gather was sat there one night late December sat at her pc and in Rogla she died some diabetic thing.But from a bit of googling, she was logged in for 3 days and nights before anyone found her.People had sat with her chatting watching the river flow joking and laughing, unaware of her fate. Anyway that was that other than once in a while i chat to people in the shop and around who have spoken to her had a laugh gone there own ways. The sim attracts a large number of retuning avas i think people who logged off there years ago and rediscover sl that and some traffic from the hub.Shes helped get some of them started. I feel proud shes with us one way or another

Monday, 20 September 2010

All in the game

I was just chatting today, set me thinking. I spend a huge amount of time working on shoes. Doesn't leave me with so much time to just chat and hang out like i use to, when i talk to people i talk about the programs and the designs and techniques. I chat to other makers, creative people, um we don't talk about the world at large. In sl there are lotsa shoe designers tons of the fekers, some way better than me some way worse. It started me thinking in flikr if i see a good shoe, do i favorite it, or am I giving my valuable trade over to my peers? if Someone asks for help in the 3d groups, asks something I know the answer 2 to do I keep my hard earned knowledge to myself? Knowing my secret knowledge could propel me to fame and wealth?
No I feking don't..
The Beatles will always be better than me no matter what they used to record their songs. They loved the stones loooved em. Didn't make the stones better didnt hurt the stones sales neither.
So ill rave about who impresses me in sl help people if i can. My stuff will never look like theirs. partly cos i couldn't do things there way and the rest cos I have my own handwriting..

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The rightness of Chav

This blog post came to my attention today:
Apart from being written by the uuuh-may-zin' Chav Paderborn it's just, well, right. I wish I'd written it and since I didn't I'll just say I agree with her.
There are so many stores in SL fighting for teh spacebux that it's hard to get your stores name out there, it's a battle and sending freebies and taking part in hunts seems like a good way to get known, get your landmark in inventories, get your prims on people. I don't know, anyway, read Chav's blog post.