Monday, 20 September 2010

All in the game

I was just chatting today, set me thinking. I spend a huge amount of time working on shoes. Doesn't leave me with so much time to just chat and hang out like i use to, when i talk to people i talk about the programs and the designs and techniques. I chat to other makers, creative people, um we don't talk about the world at large. In sl there are lotsa shoe designers tons of the fekers, some way better than me some way worse. It started me thinking in flikr if i see a good shoe, do i favorite it, or am I giving my valuable trade over to my peers? if Someone asks for help in the 3d groups, asks something I know the answer 2 to do I keep my hard earned knowledge to myself? Knowing my secret knowledge could propel me to fame and wealth?
No I feking don't..
The Beatles will always be better than me no matter what they used to record their songs. They loved the stones loooved em. Didn't make the stones better didnt hurt the stones sales neither.
So ill rave about who impresses me in sl help people if i can. My stuff will never look like theirs. partly cos i couldn't do things there way and the rest cos I have my own handwriting..

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