Thursday, 28 April 2011

U know that bit in Tron where he gets chopped up

Little bit quiet on the posts lately.

I been working on shoes yes still for the shoe fair .It’s not as straightforward as see shoe make shoe. I try to improve each element of what I make and to do this i have to keep learning new skills. It’s a messy process that takes me in unexpected directions. I spent an age trying to make a better bake. Baking is applying light and shadows etc to the plane texture. I had a look at both blender and 3ds max during this process and both kind of work differently to z-brush in that once set up they will back the light etc of from all angles all at the same time, which is kinda nice but I was at the i could spend the rest of my life learning these tools. this is me trying to explain how to use zb and max together to bake. Ill come back to it I’m sure.

The other week i got an xbox ikr but i was reading that the kinect cam has been made to work on a pc, and a lil Google later I find that now an up and running motion capture solution letting me create animations in seconds that I can use in Secondlife , its amazing fairly simple and if id spent thousands on a mocap solution id prob be dangling from a rope by now, it’s that good.

Todays discovery is the Brekel software will capture objects as 3d models see pik

Damn if we aint living in the future. All this stuff ill go into a little deeper and make some vids about. Speaking of vids I got to watch Siddean demonstrating her extreme sculpting prowess in ustream the master at work indeed. I learned a lot link here