Monday, 11 October 2010

My favorite designer...Toast Bard. (blog challenge from Strawberry Singh)

top Bird skin Rainbow 5 Black brows
bottom Ghost organs Tiny Words

I was never a skin lover, I had a couple that I'd found that were just ordinary, not shiny or tanned. Then on a trawl through an SL fashion magazine, I think it was 'Second Style' I found an interview with Toast Bard. I was in love instantly. Her avatar was beautiful, she had this amazing skin, like nothing I'd seen before and in the interview she was charming and if I remember rightly didn't mention designing for South American cross-dressers. I wooshed straight over to Tableau and couldn't believe what I saw; a sim I'd visited before. I huffed a bit then stumbled upon Fashionably Dead, literally fell over it, so devilishly tucked away it was. And lo it came to pass that I became a massive skin-whore. The first skin I bought was Tiny Words in a very pale tone, other tones followed and that is still my favorite skin ever all my alts get bought that skin. I have bought many, many skins by miss Bard now, the latest is the beautifully coloured, luminous, moody skin from the Rainbow range.
Toast Bard has a very light touch with her colouring, like watercolours. The skins have a wonderul ability to bring sophistication and sheer class to just about any outfit. I never tire of them and hardly ever wear anything else. In fact most of my avatars are shaped to fit FD skins, because I know whatever else they are wearing their skin will always look fantastic.

(I would like to add, that the photos are only very lightly photoshopped to remove nasty angles and hair poke through, and in the black haired photo I just had to cover up the ear because avatars have weird ears hands and feet. I haven't blurred, recoloured or altered the skins in anyway, all lighting was done in Second Life.)

top:Lamb Witch in powder
bottom: Lamb I'm a Romantic in obsidian

UH Poetic (no slurl I'm sorry I couldn't find the shop again)

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  1. ohhhhh you know I haven't really tried the Fashionably Dead skins properly before. I gotta check them out! And what beautiful pictures. The skin really does suit you.

    Thank you for doing the challenge! <3