Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sausage and Mesh

spent awhile this week figuring out Blender.I work predominantly in Zbrush which i love.But as u may or may not be aware Meshes are coming to Secondlife. Whilst in essence meshes are sculpties by another name they have a few differences and tricks up their sleeves which have forced me to get to grips with Blender.Its a free prog that iv avoided like the plague.However i need some of its tricks and it must be worth a second look for 2 reasons. Firstly its free and secondly it can do this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRsGyueVLvQ.
Getting back to the point i need it because it can export the format meshes that secondlife will import and it can created "rigged meshes" the secondlife avatar u already have is a rigged mesh.
Simply put an avatar is like a rag doll rigging it attaches it to a skeleton which lets it move.

What i have done in the pik on the left really crudely as i wanna check my work flow is correct b4 i spend an ages making something that wont load is make pants that fit over the sl avatar that once loaded into sl should move as u walk.
The problem i had was the avatar i use in zbrush as a mannequin was different to the one I have rigged for blender. so i had to make them conform to each other, so i can continue to work in zb but export correctly to Blender then to SL deep breath
The open beta for the mesh viewer opens on the 13th Im excited to have ago, tons to learn.The people iv chatted to who were in the closed beta are all bursting with enthusiasm.
The people who don't understand it are naturally scathing.Me i'm getting my hands dirty and having a go, the only way to learn any thing is do it wrong till u get it right.There was a lotta swearing to get me to the point i'm now at as dirty will testify 2 but i'm gaining on it.Ill keep u posted with what I come up with
Filthy Adored

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