Monday, 18 October 2010

What do i do with my other ear bob?

What do i do with my other ear Bob? Dylan this week jsut re-released his old records in mono, fuking, mono ffs. I bought them on vinyl and cd and in 5.1 mp3's now I'm suppose to buy them in mono ? The argument is when they came out mono was how everone listened 'n' Bob 'n' everyone mixed the mono versions so if u bought the stereo versions ur a fool and a joke.o.o what do i do? i want the extra joy that mono will bring me maybe i want 32 bit digital crackle 2.
Ive noticed an increasing tendancy to go 'this is shit i want the new one' a case in point is the iphone i got one when they came out um i had a bog standard phone b4 that u can laugh but it would run on 4 aa batteries if the main one died, i shit u not. But the original iphone; it came out and i thought wow this is the best thing ever , then version 2 came out and 3 and slowly but surely my pride and joy began to leak shit and by the new one well the one i have i may as well lick the shit from a dogs ass. Anyway today i thought enough. I bought a plug in phone for home a 70's one like my parents had when i was growin up. It has no features, but it is big enough to knock a man unconscious and in the end isn't that what matters? I never make phone calls on the landlines; people ring me and try to sell me things and im rude to them but i never dial out, so the rotary dial thing shouldn't be a problem it dosent have a hash key so i cant do automated answering things, but the good thing about that is , if u dont press anything they put u through to a real person right away win, win, win! so do i buy Bob? will it be better? No, it wont .I had a bog standard crt tv that broke so i got a big flat screen now there selling 3d tvs no thanks matey i just got a flat one how stupid do yeow think i am?
rant over.

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