Sunday, 10 October 2010

Call for Couture fair some of my favorites so far...

So I have been looking at the auction items at the CFC festival, of course there's our item there, but I'll show u my favorites from other stores. So unusually for me is some jewellery, I'm not a great SL jewellery lover but I love these necklaces, by LaGyo. The Zaara dress is just beautiful and was attracting lots of bids, the pret-a-porter outfit is lovely too, I think I will be buying that.
The Donna Flora dress is totally not my style, but I love it, I love the hat! I don't think I can afford it though! The auction gown from Fishy Strawberry is maybe my favorite out of the entire lot, it's looks so pretty and is a really lovely colour. So Many Styles have made a fab dress, I was quickly outbid on it though, grrr.

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