Sunday, 14 November 2010

Rip you a new one

If you accept stolen items, in SL, and you're over, let's say a year old, then you are worse than the copybotter. Any dick can copybot anything; it isnt hard, google it.
Yeah, stick it to the Lindens, bastards. But here's the thing the Lindens ain't hurt by this 'victimless crime'.
Second Life is a game, people play it as an enrichment activity. Before I came to SL , I'd never used Photoshop or used a computer creatively, at all. I'd played games, sure, but I never thought I would ever be able to make one. But then, bit by bit, I made friends, I talked to people who do this stuff.
You read the stories about the 'SL Millionaires' they are out there, I'm not one of 'em. I'd like to be, who wouldn't, but it isn't really why I make things in Sl. The reason I make things is that by nature I'm a creative person. RL doesn't give me much opportunity for un-restricted creativity and decorating the bathroom doesn't make my juices pump.
Making things is hell. It's hard work, detailed work, its fucking frustrating and then people can't even tell you why they don't like it. Sooner or later, with a lot of work, your shit can turn to gold.
I was reading that one of my friends creations had been copied, again. She uses the same software as me and she kicks my ass at it. Am I bitter? well yes, I am but only 'cos I can't work that hard. But its good to have a target. I can build shoes. I could rip hers, could probably even fool her with 'em. But that's not the game I'm playing.
If you can rip stuff, stop being a lazy cunt do something to actually impress me. Build something. If you buy/take/or distribute stolen gear knowingly, emphasis on knowingly, you are as bad as them, stealing someone's time, someone's effort and care.
A noob won't know. But you, dear reader, ain't a noob and you do know the difference. Let it slip by you're the lowest kinda shit.
Let the maker know if someone gives a box of ripped hair, skins or boots that you suspect ain't right. If you aren't sure ask a blogger, plurk it, facebook it to find out, but be suspicious. You don't usually get given good stuff for free, you have to hunt it, join groups or visit shops. SL is big if no one tells us we won't know and although there's not a lot we can do about it without spending big money on legal things, we can at least get them booted from SL, yeah, they'll be back in an alt, but we can all stop keep inviting the thieving little fucker to our parties.

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