Sunday, 28 November 2010

What is it

It isn't a chat room people don't talk there.It isn't a creative melting pot those things cant happen in a vacuum.It also isn't a place for online business meetings. As i said before there are no new people there.Just a string of alts looking for the thril it gave them when it was new.But the thrill seekers went when the porn required you to hand over rl details. Who is left well a few organisers, u know the type "Everybody follow me" "come along don't straggle at the back" the rest are the mentally ill, the outsiders the lost and the lonely.Secondlife always looked like a closed theme park.
I thought I could try to make a few sl friends in a different location "Plurk" but it seems i misunderstood the point of it.My interent background b4 secondlife was over in the Mirc Chat rooms.I hung out there for years having a laugh chatting with people.Plurk isn't a chat room as far as i can gather its a location to make pithy statements into the ether.I thought the people there were like me and wanted to chat talk about what we are making discuss ideas and have a laugh.I was however wrong.The people there care more about Karma and insipid shallowness and the occasional sales pitch than they do about the people there.Maybe its me maybe its a generational thing maybe its a chat rooms aint plurk or sl thing.I like talking to friends, it doesn't happen in these places
Leaves me the question what am i doing here?
Maybe its time to go

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