Friday, 12 November 2010

The Last Days of Rome

As the last few Secondlife users stand on the precipice of the end of the Metaverse we’re left to reflect on how this came to be. Whilst the for the few the plentiful times were rewarding the many were left to wander what felt like a empty amusement park. The world sprawled sim upon sim were greedily piled into the verse. In rl there’s a maxim “They’re not making anymore land” in sl this doesn’t apply. Whilst expansion feels good, feels like success they were infact sealing their own fate. At its heart Secondlife is a social net work, a chat room dressed in fine clothes and architecture but at its heart a social experience .The people complained of lag so sought their own lands their own sims to avoid it to take ownership of the problem when they should have complained about the servers and game engine. Alas as the verse grew little by little the networking stopped. The chat dried up, the people left alone to lament their fates staring out from the windows of the ivory towers they created, the guilded cages to set themselves apart from the lag.

The clubs, the hub of social activity were forced into a deathly silence by the dj.boards. Firstly these prim heavy over scripted devices lag the sim to its knees. Secondly the chance of any music related discussion “ hey how u doin what’s this tune” is now greeted by someone pointing at the board. Why would anyone wanna talk about music everyone in sl knows everything…

There are no new people in Secondlife. When did u last meet a noob who wasn’t an alt? The last one I met was Jellie and she had her first rezday a month or two ago.

So enjoy these last 2 months alone. Ill see you in Plurk

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