Monday, 29 November 2010

Zsculpty Markus giveth

Just had my first try on the new mesh ZSculpty Tools, worked really well. That's my first correctly textured mesh. I used the uv master for the first time.My normal sculpy method uses a separate texture for each shoe part the mesh way packs them all together on a single image
It took a little figuring ou, I was hoping I could take the poly-painted parts of the shoe I had, and have them appear by magic on the flattened uv.Maybe there's no way of doing that. I just poly-painted on the new combined uv version of the shoe. A little extra secret bonus of this plugin is the files open in Photoshop extended in 3d. As time passes i'm using Photoshop less and less as I keep finding out zb does all that stuff.Zb is really turning out to be the tool for the job in regards to secondlife atleast it does everything I want in a way my feeble little brain can understand.

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