Monday, 30 August 2010

Dirty here, this post is for a challenge set by Alysha Rennahan, on Plurk, to make alook using things over a year old. Now Filthy and Dirty aren't yet a year old, but we have alter-egos that are: Danana and Tiara.

Firstly, Filthy writes about Danana's outfit:
Truth hair; Naomi Chocolate. In my Danana days I was always an Armidi hair fan but this hair from Truth Hawks just looked like me. Comparing it to new hair there may be more clever designs , but this has character still love it, i don't remember what i paid but i think it was inexpensive she should rent it by the day she'd be a millionaire.
The earrings (worn but hardly seen here unfortunately-D) were a present ~Muse~ Celestine Snowflake Earrings. I wear them to remember when I was new and I was an Ice Witch. People Can be so helpfull when ur new to sl, is the reason i came back, thanks Ran.
The necklace is special 2 Rhap made it u know what she is, she's a mate, she showed the me prog I make my shoes with. She makes the Unbelievable Minerva skins. If u ever tried to make a skin you'll know just how good she is. What's scary is her Daughter; Chip who i dunno if she still comes to sl was the talented one>if they wanted they could own sl there's no trick to it ,is just talent..
The dress is Ce cubic i just always found it flattening it had sculps b4 I knew what they were and there not used for any other reason than to make it slinky love it still
The boots are Maitreya dunes, again i had them for years Onyx is an inspirational sculptor the texturing on these is beautiful. the foot shape id change but we all learn, look at her gold range she's cutting edge she's the Beatles.
The Skin is Runway Sakura Porcelain Sin Skin: Ton Visage. Delphi took me shopping she knew the difference when i was still 'ooh blinggg' It's dated but those lips r still sexy.
Filthy Adored

Tiara is wearing a dress by P.C (paper couture?) that I found at Tableau and fell in love with, it was bought for a special occasion I don't remember now but remember the dress and that it was liked and that the main reason I like it, because they did. Tiara's hair is armidi and was probably the first 'normal' hair I bought. Tiara was very goth/metal/neko/wtf, then changed with age. Its still a fab style and goes with most things and more importantly doesn't get in the way of collars and stuff. The tights are from Sn@tch, one of my favorite shops ever, always will be even if it's not 'Me' atm. Shoes are Maitreya Verve pumps in plum and I just love them, always have, since the second I saw them. Skin is (FD) tiny words in morning sun. I love Toast Bard skins, so pretty and hand drawn and make any outfit. So classy too. My eyes are Taranis black by Fallen gods, first ones i ever bought and I still wear them alot. The scarf is Miel, great shop, great sculpts. I like scarves is all, rl/sl and have a ton, this one gets worn alooot.

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