Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New low lag boots part 1

ok rant time

script lag. Did u ever struggle to tp or cross a sim crossing. If u did the chances are this is cause by script lag. if ur in a v2 viewer go to world place profile about land-region memory-my avatar tab.

In that list ull see the memory size in kb of every scripty item your wearing in our invisi prim version of the bootu should see it as 192kb per foot this is higher than i would like but the rezize script can be deleted this will lower the cost but not remove it as the invisiprims not required in v2 have to stay. if we compare this to a well known sl top brand the un named boot has a memory size of 7936 per foot 41 times higer

this on its own is fine but when u go to a club and everones shaking there glamerous booties dont be supprised when the sim grinds to a halt

think of sim memory as ozone some items in sl make holes in it these are shoes and hair mostly

yes the lindens could make the sims run more memory but thats like adding extra cupboards to ur bedroom u will fill em with rubbish in a day. Hopfully building smart we can improve everones sl experiance

rant over

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