Monday, 30 August 2010

Sl bashing and the heart I found

Imma annoyed i was in facebook, n there talking about Philip Linden, hes opened a comp for people to update his avatar.The reply's turned into a sl bashing opportunity.I love SL its not perfect but show me something that is.SL, there's good theres bad theres well just plain nasty is hugely diverse. Is my home. when people cun* it off it upsets me. it could be better but it could be worse. if u dont like it dont come, if u can do it better noones stopping u the viewer is open source, impress me

Second life is relentless, ever changing based on fads and whims. Today its Elf ears tomorrow its inflatable knee pads, I'm not complaining creativity is the fire that feeds the Metaverse. I been here a while landed in 06 and I read that Second life has around thirty thousand people in world all the time if that's even half true that's fifteen thousand if half of them are bots that's still say seven thousand, alotta souls indeed. I can't claim to have met them all. The world is like ancient Rome continually being burned down then recreated in its own image. It's hard to hold onto friends in here time flies by like dog years .I never found a soul mate that I connected with so deeply on Monday to have burnt to ash by Friday. And where do I go when it all falls apart? Do I take the long walk to RL, utter the words I'm leavin enough of this shit.
I have, you have or you will.
I have been a camper a dancer a gambler , a manager a club owner, a shop owner. In my sl there is only one fixed point, it can be hard to go sometimes hell even, it can be boring it can be funny it can be nasty. I could take it apart try to explain how it works I have tried. It's like family I suppose so not an easy relationship. It's both anonymous and intimate. Some people have gone there for years but it always seems to be new faces.
one day I know ill wake up and Keith Richards will be dead and the world will go on but it won't be the same
be the same with Alt7

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