Tuesday, 25 January 2011

No raindrop believes its responsible for the flood

imma bit peed of, I just deleted 3 friends from the airport there handing out Armidi and lamb hair to noobs.
This stuff is full perm and not by the correct makers which makes it botted right i use to own most of the Armid hair.I tell the people their wearing nicked things that they should delete it.None of the makers i know are rich outta second life the best get by out of it.
So i call em on it and im a jerk, seems no ones hurt by botting no one looses any money from it and im just a dick for even saying anything.
Am i wrong to say anything. I work hard on what i make.Lamb and Armidi do 2 im sure.

i feel a bit sad deleting em i liked em.But id be angry and upset if it was done to me.But as sl is at the moment there's no come back, going after botters is like chasing ghosts in the machine.If u AR it it if your lucky will be purged front the servers.but its renamed and passed about.Makers cant afford to do anything legally so it happens and is tolerated.
And one by one designers become demotivated and leave.they cant pay the tier on their shops.it was fun and just about paid for itself.

I didn't know it was stolen? i told u and u don't care
no raindrop believes its responsible for the flood...

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