Sunday, 16 January 2011

Backstage with the VU

i belive after death i wont have to pay so many bills
[12:26] Lou: id hate there to be an afterlife
[12:26] Nico: During the last week I heard of five persons I knew, which died. I'm not sad or such. They weren't close ones, but I can't handle this decaying mankind anymore.
[12:27] Lou: the life i have is so textured
[12:27] Lou: i wanna die i wanna live
[12:27] Lou: never the same forever
[12:28] Lou: a friend said 2 people they kinda knew killed themselvesover xmas
[12:29] Nico: Life is so weird.
[12:29] Nico: I dont get it.
[12:29] Lou: if i explained the reall reason for it
[12:29] Lou: why were here
[12:29] Lou: and why its bad
[12:29] Lou: would u wanna know?
[12:30] Nico: I would, but if I'd believe is another thing.
[12:30] Lou: lets say i was god
[12:30] Lou: and made all this
[12:30] Lou: i know u
[12:30] Lou: ud not trust me
[12:31] Lou: if u had answers u wouldnt accept them
[12:31] Nico: If you were god, you knew more.
[12:31] Nico: You could prove things.
[12:31] Lou: i had the plan
[12:31] Lou: the point
[12:31] Lou: u said i dont belive u
[12:31] Lou: i turned ur pc into a frog
[12:31] Nico: Im having a deja-vu.
[12:32] Lou: i made u forget this last time we talked about it
[12:32] Lou: /;
[12:32] Nico: Impossible. :>
[12:32] Nico: Even god would fail when it comes to me.
[12:32] Nico: I'm a goddess myself.
[12:33] Lou: ur jsut the same as me
[12:33] Nico: Brain-damaged? ;>
[12:33] Lou: fat
[12:33] Lou: :D
[12:33] Nico: lool
[12:33] Nico: I'm not!
[12:34] Lou: giggles
[12:34] Lou: if there was a reason for everything
[12:34] Lou: we would be slaves to our fate
[12:34] Lou: what would be the point
[12:34] Nico: But I need a reason. I'm going insane - literally!
[12:35] Nico: Fear eats soul.
[12:35] Lou: what reason would satisfy
[12:35] Lou: say the reason was to ummm
[12:36] Lou: praise islam
[12:36] Lou: or to sing in church
[12:36] Lou: clean out the bath weekly
[12:36] Lou: what reason would u accept
[12:36] Nico: Rubish.
[12:36] Nico: I need something deeper - even if it is a lie.
[12:36] Nico: I tried believing, but sadly I'm intelligent.
[12:37] Lou: ok to learn all there is to know as wisdom inbues dna with evolutionary supremicy
[12:37] Lou: by making urself think
[12:37] Lou: u inprove ur childrens inteligence
[12:38] Lou: eventualy it would be posible to concieve the purpose
[12:38] Lou: have u ever heard a recording of your voice?
[12:39] Nico: Oh yes. I, um, I am starting to sing atm.
[12:39] Nico: So horrid!
[12:39] Lou: ur speaking voice
[12:39] Nico: That too.
[12:39] Lou: im sure ur friends dont wince wen they hear u
[12:39] Lou: but u do
[12:39] Lou: we dont seem able to concieve ourselves
[12:39] Nico: Perhaps they lie.
[12:39] Nico: You never know.
[12:39] Lou: my cat refuses to look in a mirror
[12:40] Nico: I refuse that too these days.
[12:40] Lou: smiles
[12:41] Lou: were wired to be creative and imaganative
[12:41] Lou: the why am i here question
[12:41] Lou: is a side effect of our nature
[12:41] Lou: we tell stories and creat art
[12:41] Lou: to capture our world
[12:42] Lou: in our minds
[12:42] Lou: we created a god
[12:42] Lou: so we didnt have to worry so much
[12:43] Lou: same reason we watch tv
[12:43] Lou: now take ur pants off

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