Friday, 26 August 2011

Ruth and Beauty

Ok, people are idiots I just had a “i can’t use the new viewers my net isn’t fast enough conversation”. I don’t know how to deal with that. Who is putting out this v3 doesn’t work rumour? Honestly in 6 years in sl its giving me the best looking fastest experience I ever had. I’m told it’s no good for building. I build in it.
What I have noticed is it turns off features your pc isn’t fast enough to run. So there are an army of people installing 6 viewers sharing 1 cache logging into a viewer which disabled this restriction to play sl at 1 frame a second. Maybe v3 could use a photo render mode where it freezes a frame and renders the shit out of it to placate these people. I don’t need it I’m running a 3 year old pc on ultra all the time with everything turned on. I can only assume the people who struggle are on Windows 95 still cos these same people told them it’s cool and better somehow. Anyways back to the point mesh is live and I fuking love it, but you can’t see it. And u know what, i don’t care, you know best.
-expleted deleted- u

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