Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Been walking the earth the last few months.I just completed the mesh Questions.There fairly easy and i would assume apply to everything uploaded to sl.The thing is leaves most of sl in the hot steamy stuff.All the gesture shops are gonna be vulnerable cos if you haven't cleared the sample powww.Similar names Prda would be a no no lol logos and trademarks which I knew about but sl is knee deep in counterfeit gear.Its a smart move the up loader requiring proper payment details.Should keep them on their toes when they chose to upload with out the correct Licences.There looks like an incentive to shop makers of knock off gear to reduce the competition.And well fancy dress shops will become a rare sight as it now requires a licence to use a likeness, im sure it did before.Watch this space

The mesh quiz is in your web account under mesh uplaod status leemmie know what you think

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