Tuesday, 14 December 2010

After all is said and done, I gotta move it's still fun, I'm gonna walk before they make me run.

Smiles howdy what a week. Creativity making it happen is like trying to put a cat on a leash. I have been tearing my eyes out with it this week. There are a few things going on with it. As I mentioned before I'm trying to make skin. This is tricky, my idea is to produce a avatar in Zbrush that I can bathe in light and shadow to hopefully produce bakes that when imported into Secondlife shoud look pretty good with no hand painting required. I ran into a few problems firstly I found myself running out of ram memory on my pc , this caused the pc to freeze whilst it shuffles data to and from the hard drive. The expert 3d modelers would all say to work at a lower detail level. I am trying to do this just to be able to see if I'm pissing into the wind I need to jump forward here and there with my model and spit it out into Secondlife to check how I'm getting along. Really it looks ok in world however there's a huge difference between low and ultra on all things in sl. On low the surfaces have no lighting or shadows so a lit face can look quite good. The same skin however on ultra gets many different problems as the surface shading clashes with the game engine shading. Sculpting problems I'm facing is that I spent a long time trying to make the sculpted face look realistic partially to see if I could and also because i felt it would produce the best highlights and shading. When I came to bring test renders in world I'm finding especially around the lip area that the lipstick coverage isn't wrapping the lip sufficiently. So now I'm finding myself back in ZB deforming the mesh to expose the problem areas to take both lighting and colour better.
The next thing I have been fighting with is we were invited to open a store on Mia Snows new sim. This required us to construct something to suit the quality and look of the sim build, our products and to fall within our prim limit. I was happily tootling along with this when I became aware of Turnip Sorbet's build on Lula. I had one of those shit moments. Its not a complicated build its just so fucking refined .It has a unified compositional style and theme. It's using some clever technology in its production but it's been so well integrated I just wanna punch them. Its left me feeling sick and green with envy. It's that good I can't even enjoy it .
I'm learning this stuff I'm just at the stage where my use of the tools isn't intuitive and complete enough to improvise .If I pick up a guitar I can play music I don't have to think where to put my fingers I can just do it, same with a car. The design process uses many different skills. It just needs more work and practice before the parts integrate and sing ...
Re Lula go have a look just don't tell them I sent u ..
Re Mia Snows sim looks like a dream I'm both daunted and excited to be there..

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